You Know You are Hungarian When...

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  1. When you use sour cream more than ketchup.
  2. When your parents come to visit for 3 weeks and you all stay in a one bedroom apartment.
  3. When feeding your guests is your main priority even if they claim they're not hungry and in which case you get slightly offended/upset that they don't want your hospitality.
  4. When someone says that Hungarian "is like Russian and all those other Slavic languages," and then you have to go into great detail about the origins of Hungarian with a scolding history lesson.
  5. When Paprika & Erős Pista are just as important as salt & pepper on the table & in food.
  6. When you know what Unicum is and prefer it over Jägermeister.
  7. When you know how to open a bottle of wine with only a screw and a pair of pliers.
  8. When you tell someone that you are Hungarian, they ask "Are you hungry?" Then you congratulate them on being the millionth person to say that to you.
  9. When you've heard, "If you're hungry, why not go to Turkey?" at least once in your life.
  10. When you have a relative who's named Attila, Géza, József, János or László.


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