Delphi Prism for Microsoft Visual Studio

Delphi Végre! Szinte már azt is lehetne mondani, hogy csoda történt vagy éppen történik. Új nyelvvel bővül a MS Visual Studio. Ezentúl majd necsak C# és VB.NET nyelven lehet majd .NET alá feljeszteni Visual Studioval, hanem Delphi (Object Pascal) nyelven is. Mért jó ez? Mert a Dephi.NET Prism támogatni fogja a WPF, WinForms és ASP.NET alkalmazások készítését egyaránt, valamint LINQ összes mindesége, ill. az Entity Framework szintén támogatott lesz. Egyébként a Dephi.NET Prism<>Delphi 2009 for .NET, bár ezt is az Embarcadero/CodeGear feljeszti. Akinek kedve van hozzá jelentkezhet beta tesztelőnek.

Today at the Software Development Conferencein The Netherlands, Nick Hodges disclosed details about Delphi Prism, which will be a Delphi.NET Visual Studio (Shell) plug-in (enabling the WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, LINQ, SilverLight, etc. designers - but not CF.NET or WorkFlow). They also plan to include dbExpress for ADO.NET and DataSnap for .NET clients (and in the future .NET servers). That will offer connectivity to more DBMSs than just Visual Studio (and thin/smart clients to DataSnap Win servers), which is a big plus over "regular" Visual Studio solutions. Nick also mentioned that the language would be superior to C# in some areas (for that, we have to wait and see)...

Delphi Prism will be a separate product, but it's also part of the RAD Studio 2009 package (which will consist of Delphi 2009, C++Builder 2009 and Delphi Prism). Delphi Prism will be sold with subscription only (which will make it easier to release upgrades and updates during your subscription period without caring for new versions, upgrade prices, etc.). CodeGear will be at PDC at the end of this month, were Nick said they would do the announcement. Nick also said that Delphi Prism will be available before the end of this year.